About Us

Ariel Rosa is a former federal law enforcement officer and certified instructor. He holds a Level III certification in security, and is experienced in threat identification, assessment, and solution, as well as the Texas Penal Code. Mr. Rosa is a Level III classroom instructor and a Level III firearms instructor. A master marksman, he holds an NRA certification in firearms. As a certified CPR, AED and First Aid instructor, Mr. Rosa trains all new hires in both of these life-saving procedures. He also holds Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) and Radiation Isotope Radiation Device (RIID) certifications.

Mr. Rosa previously taught law at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), as well as courses in Service Intelligence, Traffic Check, Title 21 Authority (Narcotics), and Anti-Terrorism. He distinguished himself in many different leadership roles throughout his law enforcement career, serving as a Leadership and Field Training Officer, Community Relations Officer, Collateral Intelligence Officer, Public Information Officer, and Certified Recruiter.

His track record of excellence as an instructor goes back nearly 25 years. Prior to his career in law enforcement, Mr. Rosa was a co-owner and representative of Elite Driving Systems, Inc. In just two years, the company became the 4th largest driving course curriculum provider in Texas. Over a short time, Mr. Rosa accumulated over 5,000 public speaking hours, taught over 17,000 students, and personally trained 210 of the 1600 certified driving instructors in the state of Texas at the time.

Mr. Rosa holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice from Wayland Baptist University and is fluent in Spanish, both verbal and written.

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