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Lonestar Universal Security is the leading security service provider for the Hotel sector of Dallas Fort Worth

We understand the difficulties and unique situations that staff and owners face on a daily basis. Our security experts strive to promote safety and security in a professional and competent manner.

12 Good Reasons to Use Lonestar Universal Security

Respond to Emergency Situations
Prevent Property Damage
Offer training and guidance
Protect staff
Prevent crimes
Monitor Entrances and Exits
Handle Disorderly Conduct
Monitor Security Equipment
Provide a Security Presence
Offer Special Security for VIP Guests
Identify and Correct Security Weaknesses

We Offer Access to The Best Trained Talent in the Industry

Lonestar Universal Security, LLC’s extensive pre-employment screening consists of a thorough interview procedure, a background check, a drug test, and a fingerprint check with the FBI and Department of Public Safety for criminal history. We also routinely assess our staff’s education and training needs and provide a continuous plan for ongoing development.

Theft of Vehicles

Think again if you think your car is safe in a public parking lot. According to FBI reports, about 22 percent of all car thefts occur in a parking lot. The FBI also reports that a car is stolen from a parking lot every 23 seconds.

Theft from Vehicles

Many thefts from vehicles occur because culprits are looking for an unlocked car and they find them regularly. Because thieves know that a car will be left unattended for an extended period, they typically take their time looking for things to steal.

Catalytic Converter Thefts

Texas has the second highest amount of catalytic converter thefts in the US, data shows. Texas had a total of 4,830 cases in claims court, second to California, which had 7,430 claims at the same time.

We Make Parking Lots Safer

Overnight security guards can provide a number of valuable services, identifying suspicious behavior in parking lots or garages. Security guards can help employees who work late into the evening by escorting them to their vehicles and ensuring that they feel safe while on the job.

Security guards can also prevent crimes, such as Assaults, Robberies, and Burglaries as well.

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