Unarmed Security Guards

unarmed guards-lonestar-security

All of our unarmed security personnel remain on high alert throughout their shift and perform their duties calmly and professionally. They have the knowledge and skills needed to manage and resolve a variety of situations. All Lonestar Universal Security unarmed officers are in constant communication with their partners. Their primary duty is to guard designated areas and the people within them using the proper security equipment. They are the first line of defense in emergencies and are trained to deal with everything from terrorism to fire. Our unarmed security officers patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To ensure our officers can deal with the varied challenges they may face, as a starting point, all of our security personnel must hold a Texas Level II Security Officer license, as required by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Private Security Bureau. We then also provide our unarmed officers with rigorous supplementary training in how to identify threats, how to manage the public, effective patrolling methods, emergency procedures, and more. Our officers have the professionalism and communication skills needed to understand your security needs and the unique character of your organization. Our comprehensive training and screening program means that our officers are among the very best.