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Lonestar Universal Security is the top security service providers for Montessori, early childhood, and private/public K–12 schools in the DFW area. As parents ourselves, we recognize the necessity and value of safeguarding our children and employees so they can learn and develop in a setting free from fear and uncertainty. We offer welcoming, knowledgeable assistance in fostering the safety and security of children and employees.​

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The Benefits of Collaborating with Lonestar Universal Security: 

Privately Owned Gives Us That Personal Touch 

Sometimes, minor details can make all the difference. Major public traded security guard firms are facing significant challenges right now. Their need to keep shareholders, board of directors, and analysts happy influences everything they do. Since Lonestar Universal Security LLC is a privately held company, we can always put our customers’ needs first. We have your best interests in mind and will never compromise on quality or customer experience.  

We Tailor Our Services to Your Needs 

Because we are a privately owned, locally based enterprise, we have the capacity to get to know every one of our customers. We will take the time to meet you face-to-face to discuss your needs, perform a security assessment, and suggest the best course of action with a custom plan that satisfies your budget, security, and public relations goals. Additionally, we can react quickly to any issues or modifications to your needs. 

We Offer Access to The Best Trained Talent in the Industry 

Lonestar Universal Security, LLC’s extensive pre-employment screening comprises of a thorough interview procedure, a background check, a drug test, and a fingerprint check with the FBI and Department of Public Safety for criminal history. Our security personnel benefit from an industry-leading classroom- and field-based training program that covers a wide range of topics, including the correct protocol, state legislation, utilizing good judgment, communication skills, a code of conduct, civility, and more. We also routinely assess our staff’s education and training needs and provide a continuous plan for ongoing development. 

House Bill 3 takes effect Sept. 1 requiring at least one armed guard at every school campus.

Employ the presence of physical security guards from Lonestar Universal Security.

A message from the owner...

I am the owner of Lonestar Universal Security and a past federal law enforcement officer. I understand the importance of employing only highly qualified, trustworthy individuals and training them well.
I keep up with developments in the security industry, especially advances in technology.
All candidates for employment with Lonestar undergo rigorous background checks, and I personally train all Lonestar security guards.
Because of my company’s thorough training, high standards, and continuing education program, Lonestar guards are able to adapt quickly to changes in client needs and circumstances.
All Lonestar guards prepare a daily activity report after each shift that can be e-mailed to the client.

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August 2023:

North Texas Schools Scrambling to Get Armed Security for All Campuses Ahead of New Mandate.

“It's the 11th hour for several districts in our area. House Bill 3 takes effect Sept. 1 and requires Texas school districts to have at least one armed guard at every school campus. For most of the districts, they have school resource officers for secondary schools, like high school and junior high. But now, elementary schools need to be covered.”
Peyton Yager

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