Commissioned/ Armed Security Guards

armed seciruty officer-lonestar-security

Security officers all receive the same, fundamental training. Armed security officers then receive additional training on the proper use of their weapons. They are also subjected to tests by their employer and must pass the relevant certificates demanded by the state of Texas.

All security officers must pass background checks before they are employed, but armed officers must also secure a permit allowing them to carry a weapon. This means that they are subject to an enhanced background check, which involves fingerprinting and a more rigorous background investigation by the FBI to confirm that the individual satisfies the legal requirements to be issued a weapon’s permit.

The presence of any type of security officer will deter would-be criminals. Nonetheless, armed security officers are undoubtedly a greater deterrent for anyone considering committing a crime. Armed security officers result in fewer crimes of opportunity and will convince would-be criminals to move on to an easier target.

To benefit from security personnel who have undergone an enhanced background check and deter crime more effectively, and to learn more about the various other benefits of armed security officers, contact Lonestar Universal Security.