Bank & Financial Institutions Security Services

Lonestar Universal Security is the leading security service provider for the Banking and Financial Institutions Sector for DFW. We provide professional and tactical expertise to promote safety and security for staff and clients, both inside and outside of institutions. Our company understands the need for providing a friendly and secure environment and we are confident that we can meet these expectations.

The Benefits of Collaborating With Lonestar Universal Security:

  • Convenience: Quickly and easily get the help you need from passionate branch leaders, field managers, client managers, trainers, operations managers, and recruiters, while also benefiting from access to cutting-edge scheduling and payroll applications.
  • Experts you can trust: Learn more about our transparent services as they are provided by our knowledgeable personnel aided by cutting-edge technology for AI workforce management and advanced business intelligence.
  • Find talent aligned with your requirements: Benefit from our diverse recruitment network and cutting-edge hiring tools to find the resource you need.
  • Peace of mind: Our team of security experts is fully qualified to assist you in reducing risk.
  • Transparency: We deliver open and honest services through which you can map and monitor security measures and outcomes.