Construction Site Security Services

When a busy day of construction activity comes to an end, expensive equipment and materials are typically left unattended, exposing businesses to high losses due to vandalism or theft.

Theft or damage to construction equipment, tools and materials can also lead to a loss of operational time, causing extensive delays, missed deliverables, and a significant negative impact on your bottom line.

Lonestar Universal Security offers security experts who operate in close collaboration with you to deliver comprehensive construction site security services that are aligned with your unique needs.

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Construction Site Theft Stats

The most recently released statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Equipment Register reveal the cost of construction site crime to be between $300m and $1b annually.

This staggering statistic expanded upon further, with the report also stating:

  • Less than 25% of stolen construction materials are ever recovered
  • The states worst affected by site crime are Texas, California, and Florida
  • The top 10 worst affected states account for over 63% of all theft in the USA
  • The most commonly stolen items from construction sites are copper (and other metals), lumber, small/hand tools, power tools, and heavy machinery.
  • The month with the highest amount of construction theft is August – as it is the peak time of year for construction projects.
  • Most thefts occur in laydown areas or areas where the equipment spends most of its time. A high volume of theft occurs in areas without security coverage.

Top Ten Cities for Equipment Theft

Rank City State Count
1 Houston TX 287
2 San Antonio TX 94
3 Conroe TX 92
4 Miami FL 82
5 Dallas TX 81
6 Oklahoma City OK 69
7 *Fort Worth TX 60
8 Tampa FL 58
9 Orlando FL 56
10 Liberty City TX 55

* Fort Worth, Tampa, and Orlando are all new to this list. It should be noted that Fort Worth is a city in north central Texas, the number-one-ranked state for theft in 2016..

Specialized Construction Site Security Guards

The importance of site security guards on construction projects of any scale simply can’t be overstated. Construction sites frequently have mid-build delicate constructions, large pieces of equipment, expensive tools, and electrical dangers. Any interference with these components might have disastrous effects on trespassers, the business, and the personnel who are constructing or developing the site. To maintain structural integrity and prevent vandalism, theft, or other physical harm, construction project sites need to be watched over and secured. The best solution to guarantee the security and protection of your building site and those who work there is to engage Lonestar Universal Security’s expert site security team. We are fully experienced in handling and mitigating the threats and risks associated with construction sites and are well-equipped to manage any security emergency.

Teams of security guards perform a variety of tasks at construction sites. To deter or capture trespassers, construction sites must be continuously watched employing a presence of physical security guards. The location can be protected 24/7 thanks to utilizing security guards ensuring any trespassers or individuals with malicious intent are quickly detected and removed.


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Why Security Guards are a Necessity, Not an Option

Site security should be present on construction sites during the daytime while there are construction workers and supervisors on the site in case anything hazardous or destructive should occur. Workers who operate large machinery, scale precarious heights, or handle electrical wires are safeguarded by the presence of trained security personnel. Using trained security at construction sites guarantees the security of the site, the employees, and the materials in use. All, our security guards are trained in First Aid, CPR and the use of an AED.

According to recent statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, construction sites are a prime target for theft and vandalism. Regardless of the scale of the project, security personnel are a must.

There are several reasons why hiring a group of security guards for your construction site is in your company’s best interest. First, security officers protect your property, tools, and other site materials. Expensive items that cannot be stored are typically in use and accessible. Security experts play an important role in ensuring the preservation of these components. Second, emergency circumstances can arise at construction sites at any time of day. Third, trespassers are a possibility at all construction sites, but the contractors must take precautions in the event anything goes wrong. The use of security measures to detect and remove any individuals who should not be present on a site prevents any uncertainty regarding culpability in the event of injuries or fatalities.

Hire a Lonestar Universal Security construction site security team today to safeguard yourself, your workers, the neighborhood, and your building site.